Janitorial General Liability

Janitorial businesses need general liability insurance to protect them from third-party claims of property damage and bodily injury. If a customer falls in your office and hurts themselves, or if you break something while cleaning, general liability may cover the damages up to your policy limit.

A lot of your customers will more than likely ask for you to have General Liability Insurance before they agree to sign a deal with you. There are a lot of reasons that they request it. One reason is that they want to make sure that their property is protected in case something happens while you’re working. If you cause damage like breaking a window or spill something onto their carpet, it’s important that you have insurance to cover the damages.

Another reason your customers may require you to have General Liability Insurance is for their own protection. If someone gets hurt while you’re working (other than your employees, that’s Workers Compensation), they may try to sue your customer. Having General Liability Insurance can help protect your customer from being sued if someone is injured while you’re working on their property. Many will also ask for a Certificate of Insurance with their company name listed as an Additional Insured.